[Samba] Very slow write performance to RAID

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Mon Jul 25 17:32:44 MDT 2011

Jeremy Allison wrote:


> Test using a modern (i.e. much later than 3.0.33) smbclient.

To back that up he is using CentOS 5, so there is no excuse for using 
such an old version. Needs to switch to the samba3x packages that have 
been present since CentOS 5.5 asap. From recollection it is getting on 
now for a year since CentOS 5.5 came out which gave you version 3.3.8 in 
the samba3x packages and CentOS 5.6 bumped that to 3.5.4, which has been 
out for several months now.

For those that say upgrade to CentOS 6, you won't get any newer samba as 
the samba3x packages in CentOS 5.6 are at the same level as the samba 
packages in CentOS 6.


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