[Samba] AD integration and idmap_adex not translating sid-to-uid domain trusts

Sergent, Jean-Paul jpsergent at opnext.com
Thu Jul 21 02:53:11 MDT 2011

Hi Guys,

I'm setting up a new file server in our domain environment and I'm having problems with the adex configuration/module. I have couple of working file servers using rfc2307/idmap_ad and they are working perfectly. What attracted me to the idmap_adex module is the domain trust/forrest authentication support. I have 2 domains not in the same forest with a 1-way trust setup. The server in question is joined to the domain that is trusted by the "outside" domain. Here are pastbins of my cleaned configs:


wbinfo -u             This command lists all the users of both domains
wbinfo -g             works same as -u
wbinfo -i "username"                 Could not get info for user
                                    winbindd.log will output "Could not convert sid NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER"
"getent passwd" doesn't work either

I'm at a loss, I've tried many different config options and nothing really changes. My nsswitch is setup "files winbind" for passwd and group. I have used "kinit" and "net ads join" successfully. The thing that stumps me is idmap_ad works perfectly but just doesn't support domain trusts. Does anybody have rfc2307 schema in AD and samba working with multiple domains?

Thanks for your help.

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