[Samba] Build problem on RHEL 5.6

Manjit Trehan mtrehan.iu at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 17:13:44 MDT 2011


I'm trying to build Samba-3.5.9 on RHEL 5.6 and I'm getting several errors
similar to the following:

Linking bin/winbind_krb5_locator.so
bin/libwbclient.a(wbclient.o): In function `wbcLibraryDetails':
wbclient.c:(.text+0x101): undefined reference to `talloc_named_const'
wbclient.c:(.text+0x123): undefined reference to `talloc_strdup'
wbclient.c:(.text+0x150): undefined reference to `_talloc_free'
bin/libwbclient.a(wbclient.o): In function `wbcFreeMemory':
wbclient.c:(.text+0x16e): undefined reference to `_talloc_free'
bin/libwbclient.a(wbc_util.o): In function `wbcAddNamedBlob':

I've tried building --with- and ‹without- libtalloc and with external lib

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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