[Samba] Win XP/7 with roaming profiles

Preston Hagar prestonh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 12:17:25 MDT 2011

Before last week, we have been running Samba 3.0.28 on Ubuntu Hardy as
a PDC for Windows XP Pro machines using roaming profiles.  This has
worked for years with no issues.

We migrated to a server running Ubuntu Lucid and Samba 3.4.7 so that
we could start adding Windows 7 Pro machines to the domain.  We first
moved servers/samba versions and worked out a few kinks with the XP
machines.  Everything is working well with the XP machines and running
smoothly.  I am now trying to join our first Win 7 Pro machine to the
domain and am running into some issues.

First, I added the registry file/info found here:


I also downloaded the hotfix listed there, but when trying to install,
it said it wasn't applicable to my machine (Win 7 Pro 64 bit, fully
updated).  I then joined the machine to the domain.  This seemed to
work okay.

Once joined, I let it restart and tried to log in as a user.  It
seemed to authenticate fine, but then once the desktop showed up, gave
me a message about using a Temporary Profile and none of my roaming
profile information had been copied.  I then tried another user as
well as clearing out the profile of the first user, all with the same

I found some posts suggesting setting

server signing = auto

but that didn't seem help.  The only relevant thread I could find on this list:


more or less suggests just removing roaming profiles all together.  I
really would prefer to keep roaming profiles as it is what my users
are accustomed to and I still have a largely WinXP environment with
only adding a few new Win 7 machines at this time.

Here is our smb.conf (I left out the other share definitions, since I
didn't see how they would interfere)


I have seen a few spots where it was suggested that a profile can't be
"shared" between Win XP and Win 7.  Is that true?  Can I have roaming
profiles in a mixed environment?  Does anyone have any other
suggestions for things to try/check to get roaming profiles for Win 7



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