[Samba] NT -> AD migration

Ron García-Vidal ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Tue Jul 19 14:21:23 MDT 2011

We have decided to migrate our NT4 domain to an AD based domain.  For 
the sake of caution, we decided to migrate to a parallel domain, rather 
than upgrade the NT4 PDC.

So here's the problem, we have a Samba file server that is 
authenticating using Winbind.  Currently all files are owned by 
NTDOMAIN\USER.  I am having some problems already when ADDOMAIN\USER 
accesses files that they used to own, but no longer do.

When I move the Samba server to the AD Domain, I expect that anyone left 
on NTDOMAIN is going to have problems accessing their files.  Is this 
correct?  Or will the files continue to be owned by NTDOMAIN\USER?  Is 
there a way I can use the usermap file during the transition to avoid 

If the files stay owned by NTDOMAIN\USER, is there an easy way to shift 
ownership to ADDOMAIN\USER? I can write a script, but the filer uses XFS 
ACLs, so I would effectively have to have a script walk through every 
ACL to make the change.


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