[Samba] Problem with windows domain's permissions

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at monyo.com
Tue Jul 19 08:31:07 MDT 2011

From: Андрей Гребенников <grebennikov at sarenergo.ru>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 11:30:25 +0400

> I have samba server which is a member of a win2003 domain. I'd like to 
> attach domain's permissions to samba shares, but when I open the mmc for 
> the samba server I cannot save any added permissions. There are only 
> local unix permission exist. What should I do to solve the problem?

Are you using Winbind? Winbind is required. Also if you set the
permission to files or directories into the share (not the share
itself), you have to enable the ACL facility for the share's

For example adding "acl" mount option, the facility becomes enabled 
for Linux EXT3 or XFS .

Also --with-acl-support configure option is required. After Samba
3.2.0, the default is "auto".

TAKAHASHI Motonobu <monyo at samba.gr.jp>

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