[Samba] PDC will create new roaming profiles but fails to load them on subsequent logons

Frank J. Gómez frank+lists at crop-circle.net
Mon Jul 18 15:26:18 MDT 2011

Thanks for the response, Berni.  There's no DNS in this setup.  Clients are
able to access user homes and run logon scripts, and as you can see I'm
using the %N variable for both.  I'd guess that if server name resolution
were an issue, loading the home shares and logon scripts would fail as well.

I'm open to the idea of being wrong, though. :-)  How would I verify proper
resolution in this context?

Thanks much,

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Berni Elbourn
<berni at elbournb.fsnet.co.uk>wrote:

> On 15/07/11 19:33, Frank J. Gómez wrote:
>>  logon home = \\%N\%U
>>  logon path = \\%N\profiles\%U
> Perhaps check the server name here. Does your Dns or wins resolve it?  A
> sledge hammer would be to use an lmhost entry on the PCs.
> Berni

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