[Samba] samba outside of LAN

Christ Schlacta lists at aarcane.org
Thu Jul 14 21:41:03 MDT 2011

what's the server IP?  if you're "not in the LAN", then you're probably 
behind a NAT firewall, which will result in failure unfortunately.  you 
can use a VPN if you're needing to do this often, or if you just need 
some files, you're probabyl better off just setting up ssh on your samba 
server and using winscp to connect (forward port 22 on your router).  
smb/cifs (what samba uses to communicate across the LAN) is NOT meant to 
be used across the internet, as it's not secure.  Many ISPs filter the 
ports that samba uses, and in general, exposing yourself to this kind of 
massive security breach is a bad idea.  the ssh+winscp idea is secure 
and simple to actually use.  you're far better off with it.  if you 
Absolutely need access to files in smb mode, then you should considder 
setting up strongswan as an ipsec server, but that's an EXTREME undertaking.

On 7/14/2011 18:51, OrzzrO wrote:
> Hi, All
>             I have set up a samba enviroment on a ubuntu server. I can see it
> using  "smbclient -L localhost".  But now I want to access the samba server
> using a Windows PC, and they are not in LAN. I cannot access the server
> using \\server_ip<file://server_ip/>.  Someone suggested using SSH, but I
> don't know what to do in detail.   Any help will be gratefully received.
> Thanks.

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