[Samba] Help! permission denied when accessing folder

Daulton_Theodore daulton_theodore at carleton.ca
Mon Jul 11 10:15:54 MDT 2011

Hi all,

Running samba 3.5.5 in a Solaris non-global zone. I have created a folder (StudentJobApplications) on a share  which I want to make accessible only to members of a Unix group (studempl). I have added myself to the group but when I or other group members try to access the folder via Windows Explorer I get the following:

I:\StudentJobApplications is not accessible
Access is denied

Here are some of the particulars:

The folder:
# ls -ld /departments/common/StudentJobApplications
drwxrwx---   2 root     studemp        2 Jul 11 08:34 /departments/common/StudentJobApplications

The group (etc/group):

The share definition in smb.conf:

# --------------------------------------
# shared directory for ALL staff
# --------------------------------------
   comment     = Library staff shared directory
   path        = /<path>
   browseable  = yes
   writeable   = yes
   create mask = 0777
   force create mode = 0777
   directory mask = 0777
   valid users = +group1 +group2 +group3 +group4 +group 5 +group6 +group7 +group8............+group17 +studempl
   invalid users = +circdesk

Note: I am a member of one of the groups defined in valid users above.

I have not restarted the samba server but I don't think that would be necessary.

Actually I would like to set the permissions on the folder to be -rwxrws--- but just being able to access it would be a start. I would appreciate ang comments or suggestions.

Thank you.

Daulton Theodore
Carleton University
Library, Systems Department
Vmail: (613) 520-2600, ext. 8352

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