[Samba] Win7 - Samba 3.5.4 trust relationship

Ivan H Dichev idichev at csc.com
Wed Jul 6 06:56:26 MDT 2011

>Should all this go into

Unfortunately, after I added [X] flag, we still have the same errors and 
Win7 continues to complain for its trust relationship.
To summarize: all machines have policy not to update their passwords. The 
password age was extended to 1000000 days.  Didn't help.

Some people report that the machine name in Samba and on the workstation 
itself, should be written with same cases - upper or lower only(you 
decide). This is not my problem too.

The worst thing is that there are many posts like these below and we don't 
have any or single solution... so maybe we see same error for group of 
(I spoke personally with AndyL .. its not working)

So.. the [X] does not deserve to be on the wiki :)


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