[Samba] migration from tdbsam to ldap + creation of bdc

J. Echter j.echter at elektro-mayer-echter.de
Wed Jul 6 04:57:40 MDT 2011


i have a small problem.

I have a production machine which is used as PDC, FileServer, 
Groupware-Server, Backup-Server.

As our data needs are growing more and more we decided to split these 
machines up, to stay with a more stable system.

At the moment i have tdbsam password backend, a running LDAP server 
(groupware), a running pdc.

I want to have     1x machine hosting: pdc, ldap master, backup & groupware
                             1x machine hosting: bdc, ldap slave, fileserver

All docs i found are a few years old, and in the ubuntu wiki it says 
ldap configuration is changing with every release. So, im not sure which 
tutorial to use.

Main problem is the production state of the running samba machine...

What would you guys recommend to handle this situation?

best regards

J. Echter

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