[Samba] nmblookup works by IP but not netbios name.

David Roid dataroid at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 00:08:39 MDT 2011

Hello list,

The issue is as the topic says, following are details: the Samba server
running as ADS member, NBT enabled on Windows machines, no WINS. Windows
machines can find each other by 'nbtstat -a' but cannot find the Samba
server. The Samba server can't find neither Windows machines nor itself by
'nmblookup -a <netbios-name>', error message is "could not open file
/var/lib/samba/unexpected.tdb...name_query failed to find name xxx"; however
'nmblookup -A <IP>' does work for the Samba server. As a result, Windows
clients can't access Samba server through netbios name (DNS works fine
though, BTW).

Any hint?


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