[Samba] samba acl restore error

suresh.kandukuru at emc.com suresh.kandukuru at emc.com
Thu Jan 27 02:26:10 MST 2011

Dear Jeremy and samba team ,

 This is suresh from EMC.I am  having samba 3.4.8 on my NAS  with posix acls support.

 When a backup software backs up files and folders, it typically backs up the security settings on the files/folders
too. Then during restore, the software will try to restore the files/folders
along with their security settings. The restore is now broken because security
settings cannot be restored any more.

I have enabled samba loglevel 10 . I  see the problem is coming here.
2011/01/26 10:41:04, 10] smbd/open.c:2896(create_file_unixpath)
  create_file_unixpath: access_mask = 0x11e019f file_attributes = 0x80, share_access = 0x3, create_disposition = 0x1 create_options = 0x4004 oplock_request = 0x0 ea_list = 0x(nil), sd = 0x(nil), fname = Share2/file2.txt

/* We need to support SeSecurityPrivilege for this. */

        if (access_mask & SEC_FLAG_SYSTEM_SECURITY) {

                status = NT_STATUS_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD;

                goto fail;


and I see the restore is working fine when I Restore all information except security for files and directories

  create_file_unixpath: access_mask = 0x100001 file_attributes = 0x0, share_access = 0x7, create_disposition = 0x1 create_options = 0x4001 oplock_request = 0x0 ea_list = 0x(nil), sd = 0x(nil), fname = .
[2011/01/26 10:41:04,  5] smbd/open.c:2391(open_directory)

the if (access_mask & SEC_FLAG_SYSTEM_SECURITY)  condition is not passing here and error is not coming.

Jeremy, what for we are checking this condition   on SeSecurityPrivilege ( Manage auditing and security log ) in samba code ?.

How tp restore files with ACL's. ?

I am anticipating your reply.



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