[Samba] store profiles on a third server

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 12:57:21 MST 2011

>> I have had it this way for 5+ years at work. My PDC and BDCs
>> exist as openvz and lvm virtual machines that I can move to
>> any server. Neither of these contain any file shares.
> Can this be done if not using LDAP?

I do not know. I believe it would be more difficult without LDAP
however. We have used ldap with samba from the start since we migrated
a windows 2000 domain over to samba.

>> > I know this is
>> > possible but I want to know were I can find a proper
>> documentation or
>> > tutorial to do this.
>> >
> Any pointers on where to find examples?
Not really. I just put a few concepts that I was using together over
the years. Also I have not looked for examples in a very long time.


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