[Samba] fetch passwords from AD and group membership from /etc/group

marius klausen mariusklausen at gmx.net
Fri Jan 21 07:47:18 MST 2011


> >
> >> While you need not run winbindd if you want to use Active Directory
> >> for authentication, if you need to run, idmap_nss map help you?
> >
> > i want to use winbind to be able to log in just by providing the
> accountname, not domainname\accountname.
>  "winbind use default domain = yes" is what you want ?

logging in with only username not domainname\username already works fine. 

The missing part is that users cannot delete files in shares which are created by other users from the same unix group although the group has write ermissions.

This starts working as soon as i switch winbind off, but then the domainname needs to be given during login, therefore i need change winbinds behavior.

what i do not understand is that the logs show "connected to service xy ... as user abc (uid=n gid=m)" but the user still has problems deleting files although its gid seems right according to the logfile.

Any mor hints?


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