[Samba] samba not knowing new users

Hajo Locke hajo.locke at gmx.de
Wed Jan 19 04:08:25 MST 2011


> Is this server a PDC or standalone server?
this is a standalone server Ubuntu 10.04 lts, simple samba-setup for 

> What is the backend for samba accounts?
passdb backend = smbpasswd

> Do you create unix accounts first as well, or are you using winbind/idmap 
> backend to allocate unix id's for the samba accounts.
> Do accounts show up with "wbinfo -u" ?

we create the unix-accounts and after this we add the user to samba by 
smbpasswd -sa
i can see all users in the smbpasswd file.
hmm, i installed winwind, we dont use it but wbinfo -u shows all users incl. 
the users which wont work (NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER)

this is a mircale to me, only restart helps to get users to work.


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