[Samba] UID Matching

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 16:32:27 MST 2011

As a disclaimer, I am not using samba as a AD member server-  although I 
am also thinking about how I might make that happen.

I am reading the man page for idmap_ad.

        The idmap_ad plugin provides a way for Winbind to read id 
mappings from
        an AD server that uses RFC2307/SFU schema extensions. This module
        implements only the "idmap" API, and is READONLY. Mappings must be
        provided in advance by the administrator by adding the
        posixAccount/posixGroup classes and relative attribute/value 
pairs to
        the user and group objects in the AD.

So on closer reading it does suggest it will pick up the unix UID and 
unix GID directly from AD.    I had confused this earlier with the 
idmap_rid backend.

Are you also using autofs for your unix clients?

On 01/18/2011 05:35 PM, Brian D. McGrew wrote:
>> Samba shd allocate unix id's for your windows accounts,  but
>> unfortunately they will not end up being the same as your existing uid's.
> -----
> Is there any way around this?  Perhaps Windows Services for Unix?  Will
> Samba read the Unix UID from SFU if it's installed???  I _HAVE_ to get the
> UID's to match.
> Not all my Windows users use Unix, but, ALL my Unix users use Windows ---
> and the Windows users also need access to all the files.
> Without getting the UID's to match up, I don't see how I'm going to make
> this work...  Unless, I'm thinking shortsighted and there is other info I'm
> unaware of?
> -b

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