[Samba] samba not knowing new users

Hajo Locke hajo.locke at gmx.de
Tue Jan 18 05:29:26 MST 2011

> What do you mean users are in smb.conf?
ok, this was wrong. i meant there are the correct sections for my users.

> How are you creating the users?   Can you see the user or users with 
> pdbedit?
i can see the users in my smbpasswd, but if i use pdbedit -L there are only 
a few users listed.
i have to ask my buddy for errors when creating the users because this is 
done by script.

after restarting service smbd my missing users are immediately able to log 
in but with pdbedit -L they are still not shown.
so iam in doubt if there is an error when creating the user, but i will try 
to get further information.


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