[Samba] Auth on OpenLDAP with idmap without Windows

Scald Master scaldmaster at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 10:04:37 MST 2011


Let me know if this scenario is possible:
I want a samba server authenticating on OpenLDAP with IDMAP, without
creating any local user on server.

My environment is: many linux clients, a OpenLDAP server and some
services authenticating against it.
We don't use Active Directory nor we have any Windows server or client.

I don't know if this is possible and i've searched a lot through samba
documentation and on google.
All the documentation I found shows a samba always as a ADS Domain Member, like:

So my question is: It's possible to auth users on a samba server
against a OpenLDAP server without the need of a Windows environment?
To be honest, I don't need a Samba Domain, the server will be only a
file server.

I know is possible to auth NFS on LDAP but I don't like to use NFS,
and I think samba is way more reliable.

Felipe Lemos
The other line moves faster.

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