[Samba] Some direction of Samba4 Sid to Uid/Gid ?

Wei-Tsun Sun wsun013 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 13:04:51 MST 2011

Did a git-pull and built samba4, up and running with winbind.

I have a file server, which will be access by windows. Say I have a
user named "abcde" (uid = 1000), under group "abcde) (gid = 1000).

When I created a user with samba-too (samba-tool newuser abcde xxxxx),
it creates an account "abcde" with mapped uid 300018 under group user

I am really wondering if there is anyway to make the "abcde" created
under samba to link with the "abcde" in my local linux.

I have :
     idmap config SAMDOM: default = yes
     idmap config SAMDOM: backend = tdb
     idmap config SAMDOM: range = 1000-20000

in my smb.conf

But it seems the uid goes anywhere not near 1000.


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