[Samba] SAMBA / CUPS Printserver

Jack Downes jax at nwmt.us
Fri Jan 14 12:40:40 MST 2011

Okay, I've got some progress now.  Have fairly decent printserver 
working.  I've been able to reproduce the same postive and negative 
results in two physical servers and now (finaly destination) a vmware 

What's working:
ADS integration, this is a domain member
Printer driver installation (for a few drivers)
Printer installation / removal

What's not working:
Most of the time, it will not let me install new printer drivers.  In 
particular I'm not having any luck getting HP's Universal Print Driver 
v5.2 to load.

Everything is close, simpler drivers work well.  I'm going to attempt to 
get this driver to load on another samba server 3.4.9 and then copy the 
tdb information over.  Not sure at all if this will work.

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