[Samba] Error compiling Samba 3.5.5 on HP-UX 11.11

Stan.Pietkiewicz at statcan.gc.ca Stan.Pietkiewicz at statcan.gc.ca
Thu Jan 13 12:36:58 MST 2011

I've run into an error when trying to compile libnet/libnet_join.c:

cc: "libnet/libnet_join.c", line 111: error 1588: "LDAP_NO_MEMORY"
cc: "libnet/libnet_join.c", line 111: warning 563: Argument #2 is not
the correct type.

The source below is what triggers it (line 111 is marked): 

static ADS_STATUS libnet_connect_ads(const char *dns_domain_name,
                                     const char *netbios_domain_name,
                                     const char *dc_name,
                                     const char *user_name,
                                     const char *password,
                                     ADS_STRUCT **ads)
#define TLDAP_NO_MEMORY (0x5a)
        ADS_STATUS status;
        ADS_STRUCT *my_ads = NULL;

        my_ads = ads_init(dns_domain_name,
        if (!my_ads) {
-----> Line 111                return ADS_ERROR_LDAP(LDAP_NO_MEMORY);

Digging through the include files, I have not found a definition of
LDAP_NO_MEMORY. However, I have found references to TLDAP_NO_MEMORY in

I'm puzzled - which is it supposed to be ?


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