[Samba] Error: _netr_ServerAuthenticate2: netlogon_creds_server_check failed.

Martin Hochreiter martin.hochreiter at fhstp.ac.at
Wed Jan 12 10:38:06 MST 2011

Hi Christopher!

Thank you for that information, I am very much appreciate any deeper 
information on that issue.
Is there a chance that you give me the config of your central (major) 
ldap server and your smb.conf so we have the
chance to compare it with our system, please?

We see the same error but our PDC does directly access the main ldap 
server so it should not be a
problem of an update - reference ...

It would be nice to know the versions of your system too (we use ubuntu 
8.04 and Centos 5.5 with ldap 2.4.XX and Samba 3.5.6)

Thank you very much!


Am 12.01.2011 17:37 schrieb Christopher Springer:
> I've finally found the solution (or at least in my case) to this problem.
> After looking at the logs for LDAP (slapd) I found that every time a 
> system on the domain tried to update it's associated account 
> information in the database I would receive the following error:
> RESULT tag=103 err=53 text=shadow context; no update referral
> This lead me to find that the account information in LDAP was not 
> being updated...however the machine's domain user accounts would still 
> be able to login so it wasn't a major issue...just EXTREMELY 
> annoying.  I added the following line in my slapd.conf file to tell 
> the slapd daemon where to send its updates since it's a read-only 
> local authentication server at the remote plants:
> updateref ldap://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
> The remote server now sends the account database updates to the 
> central master server and eventually replicates those changes back 
> down to the remote sites...and, thus, eliminating the annoying error 
> message that I was receiving in my samba and system logs.  Just for 
> reference, the original error was something similar to the following...
> _netr_ServerAuthenticate2: netlogon_creds_server_check failed. 
> Rejecting auth request from client XXXXXXXX machine account 
> XXXXXXXX$   or
> _netr_ServerAuthenticate3: netlogon_creds_server_check failed. 
> Rejecting auth request from client XXXXXXXX machine account XXXXXXXX$
> Thanks all!  I hope this helps someone else.
> Chris
> On 08/19/2010 03:29 PM, Christopher Springer wrote:
>>  My configuration is a multi-subnet, multi-subnet Samba/OpenLDAP 
>> configuration.  Everything works fine on both subnets but I'm getting 
>> the following error in /var/log/messages and in 
>> /var/log/samba/log.smbd...
>> _netr_ServerAuthenticate2: netlogon_creds_server_check failed. 
>> Rejecting auth request from client XXX30874 machine account XXX30874$
>> This messages seems to be repeated every time someone logs into their 
>> machine or when the machine has to contact the server for 
>> authentication purposes.  I have not had a chance to go through all 
>> of the logs and verify what OS's are the offenders but it appears 
>> that a lot of them are old WindowsNT4 machines.
>> Please note that the only server on the subnet in question is the 
>> BDC.  It has a local, replicated LDAP directory against which logins 
>> are authenticated.  nmbd/wins is used for host name/netbios visibility.
>> Any ideas to getting rid of this error in the log file?  Again, it 
>> appears that access to files is working fine...it's just an annoyance 
>> because I don't understand why it's happening.
>> Thanks.
>> Chris

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