[Samba] ubuntu doesn't daemonize smbd

William E Jojo w.jojo at hvcc.edu
Wed Jan 12 14:20:00 MST 2011

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> Subject: [Samba] ubuntu doesn't daemonize smbd
> OK, not exactly a samba issue but maybe the Ubuntu maintainer reads
> this list and can provide some input.
> Problem: Ubuntu doesn't daemonize smbd.
> System: Ubuntu Lucid where a recent update moved many startup scripts
> into the "upstart" system.
> Now smbd is started and runs as "smbd -F". If I edit the upstart
> script (/etc/init/smbd.conf) so that it runs as "smbd -D" (the default
> and what I would like) it doesn't work. I see no inet.d running so I
> have no clue how it works at all like this.

It's similar to the way you can use startsrc or stopsrc on AIX.

           If specified, this parameter causes the main smbd process to not
           daemonize, i.e. double-fork and disassociate with the terminal.
           Child processes are still created as normal to service each
           connection request, but the main process does not exit. This
           operation mode is suitable for running smbd under process
           supervisors such as supervise and svscan from Daniel J. Bernstein´s
           daemontools package, or the AIX process monitor.

> Also this change to upstart did not resolve the problem of nmbd not
> starting correctly, it just nullified the script I had in rc.local to
> restart nmbd (guess I will rewrite this).

Sorry, can't speak to that.

> On the plus side, I am thankful that I have continued to avoid Ubuntu
> as a candidate in any critical server role.

Really, why? Is it unstable for you in some way? Just curious as I've not had any issues thus far and Canonical support is very responsive.


> Chris
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