[Samba] ubuntu doesn't daemonize smbd

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Wed Jan 12 11:14:07 MST 2011

OK, not exactly a samba issue but maybe the Ubuntu maintainer reads
this list and can provide some input.

Problem: Ubuntu doesn't daemonize smbd.

System: Ubuntu Lucid where a recent update moved many startup scripts
into the "upstart" system.

Now smbd is started and runs as "smbd -F". If I edit the upstart
script (/etc/init/smbd.conf) so that it runs as "smbd -D" (the default
and what I would like) it doesn't work. I see no inet.d running so I
have no clue how it works at all like this.

Also this change to upstart did not resolve the problem of nmbd not
starting correctly, it just nullified the script I had in rc.local to
restart nmbd (guess I will rewrite this).

On the plus side, I am thankful that I have continued to avoid Ubuntu
as a candidate in any critical server role.


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