[Samba] Samba migration to a new server

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Wed Jan 12 08:08:00 MST 2011

Hallo, henri,

Du meintest am 12.01.11:

> Is it possible to migrate Samba to a new server without breaking
> Domain membership of all the clients ?

> I didn?t get any info on that issue, is there someone that has
> previous experience of doing that ? Or maybe a link to some relevant
> info ?

> I have currently a Samba 3.5.6 server that acts as a PDC and print
> Server, with tdbsam backend, no LDAP at all, no roaming profile. I
> have to migrate samba to a new server. Everything (Samba release,
> Domain Name, shares, ...) will remain the same except for the DNS
> name and IP address of the server, and the samba server netbios name.

> What is the best way to proceed to make this migration as seamless as
> possible for all users (more than 200 user accounts with more than
> 200 PC in the domain) ?

My usual way:

- copy/overwrite "/etc/samba" to the new machine
- copy/overwrite all user account and all machine account informations  
(especially in "/etc/passwd" and "/etc/shadow") to the new machine

- Stop samba on both machines
- Shut off all Clients (that may be a bit neurotic ...)
- start samba on the new machine

- Start one client for testing

- if ok: start the other clients

Last friday a colleague and I have done these steps once more,  

Viele Gruesse!

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