[Samba] Connecting an iMac to os/2

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 11 16:34:45 MST 2011

On 2011/01/11 15:07 (GMT-0500) James Moe composed:

>    I have an iMac v10.6. I'd like to get it to connect to an old os/2
> server, v4.5 fp3.
>    Using smbutils on the iMac:

> $ smbutil -v view //sma-server1.sma.com
> smbutil: server connection failed: RPC struct is bad

>    Can anyone suggest what changes may be made that will correct this
> error? Is it even possible?

I suspect that without more, it's not possible. I've never figured out any 
way for my G4/10.4 to connect to OS/2, only see that the OS/2 server is 
present on the LAN. I've not tried very hard. Possibly the same cifs 
parameters required on Linux (sec=lanman,servern=$SERVERNAME,port=###) might 
be applied on 10.6 using a cmdline attempt to mount known OS/2 shares.

Putting Samba server on OS/2 should work. I've avoided needing to do that by 
putting any OS/2 files my Mac needs on a Linux server.

http://members.aon.at/herwig.bauernfeind/samba/index.html has info about OS/2 
Samba builds.
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