[Samba] samba acl support

suresh.kandukuru at emc.com suresh.kandukuru at emc.com
Thu Jan 6 21:52:46 MST 2011

Thanks this helps.


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On Thu, Jan 06, 2011 at 10:58:27PM -0500, suresh.kandukuru at emc.com wrote:
> Hi jeremey , This is Suresh from EMC . what is minimum version of samba which got ACL ( posix) support?. it looks to me samba 3.0.32 also got that ACL support.
> Can you please confirm on this?.

Oh yes, we've had POSIX ACL support for a *long*
time. I can't remember exactly what the earliest
version was (probably a 2.2.x version).

However we've been slowly getting better over
the years in doing the ACL mapping, culminating
with the extra Windows ACL layer stored in EA's
we now have that provides a 100% Windows compatible
protocol response to the client, but then is mapped
onto POSIX ACLs for filesystems that can't store
native (or NFSv4) ACLs.

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