[Samba] HELP: Samba & flat file Visual FoxPRO BDD :(

FLORIS JOURT jourt_floris at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 6 02:36:21 MST 2011

Hello, and Happy News Year from France J


Since 4 month I'm trying to configure Samba 3 on an Ubuntu server 10 to
replace a W2k server.


The client software is used over Windows XP vista and seven.
This software use smb for a flat file (.dbf) share for 9 users the new
server is more powerful the old one
but I think that the Oplocks options are causing high latencies in the


Ex when I use oplocks high latencies
When oplocks are off the file loose data


Is it possible that W2k smb is more powerful that samba???


I need your help, 


Kind regards,



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