[Samba] Migrating domain in Windows 2000 (without extension) to SLES Samba4 Got!.

Rafa Toucedo debian.vigo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 01:14:35 MST 2011

Hello, Previously I've come to the list asking how to pass a domain
name (without
extension) in Windows 2000 to S4. Finally I managed to pass an AD domain with
no extension of a Windows 2000 server running Samba 4 without losing
the customer

I created a virtual machine Windows 2003 (Xen) as an intermediate step and I
migrated the domain without extension (domain) to 2003 with extension (
domain.ext) and then migrate to Samba 4 and assign the roles, I've put into
production and I've replaced more than 200 windows 2000 for SLES 11 ...

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