[Samba] Accessing files via symlink, does client see a difference?

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at monyo.com
Tue Jan 4 07:39:17 MST 2011

Set "log level" parameter higher ("10" is recommended) value and check the logs
whether there are some differences or not both in successed case and
failed case.

2011/1/3 Samba user <Samba.99.spammy69 at spamgourmet.com>:
> I have an ancient device, several actually, called an Audiotron that I use
> Samba for to access media files.
> Now, I realize these are old and finicky devices.
> For ease of management, I keep my media files separated into 4.5GB
> directories (easy to burn to DVD) and then
> I have a script that goes into each of those directories and creates one big
> directory full of symlinks pointing into each individual directory.
> I'm sure my configuration is correct (follow symlinks = yes, wide links =
> yes in my services) as modern programs such as WinAmp and VLC have no
> problems accessing the directory full of symlinks (about 2500 links).
> However, the Audiotron has issues.  If I try and play a file, sometimes it
> play, sometimes it won't.  If I try and play it again immediately, sometimes
> it will go, sometimes I'll have to select play several times before it'll
> play.
> If I create individual services for each of my media directories and have
> the Audiotron catalog them individually, they all work fine.
> So, my question is, does the client see any difference in accessing a file
> via SAMBA (3.5.6) if it's a symlink vs a real file?  I wouldn't think it
> would be able to, but the Audiotron certainly doesn't like them very well,
> yet Winamp has no issues.
> Thanks for any thoughts.

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