[Samba] Trust Relation between win2k3 and samba 3.3.x Printers doubts?

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 12:39:51 MST 2011

Hi people.

Well I have finally migrate my NT4 db to samba 3.3.x running on Centos 5.5.

My doubt is this, I have 2 domains, 1 running NT4 2nd win2k3 AD, I
have a trust relation between NT4 and win2k3, the printers are on my
2k3 server, samba replace my NT4 domain.

Before if someone from NT4 need it to use a printer they need to
access and connect the printer they need from win2k3. I didn't had(if
I remember) to setup any rights in the printer sharing settings to be
available for the users that are part of the NT4 domain.

Now, I was testing this with samba3.3, what I see is that, if someone
from the samba domain need to use the printers from the win2k3 domain,
I need to add the user to the "Permissions" and "security" settings,
other way they cannot use those printers.

This is the normal behaviour or there is something I didn't  setup right?

Thanks all for your time happy new year!!!

LIving the dream...

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