[Samba] OSX 10.6 Clients on a 3.4.11 Server

David Irving dirving at workflowbydesign.com
Mon Feb 28 09:25:09 MST 2011


I'm running Samba 3.4.11 on CentOS 5.2.. I Have some users at my company 
that have recently upgraded their macs to Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and are 
running in to some SMB issues. When they mount a share they can 
move,delete,copy folders just fine. If they open and close a file in one 
of those folders though, they cannot rename, delete, or move the folder 
because samba has it locked and it appears to stay locked until they 
dismount the volume (even though all files/folders are closed).

This has only started happening since we upgraded our macs to 10.6.x 
(10.5.x works just fine).

I'm completely at the end of my rope regarding this problem. I've tried 
tweaking various server side configuration options for oplocking, etc 
and have made 0 headway. One funny thing that I did notice is that, as a 
test, I shutdown Samba, deleted the lock tdb file, and restarted samba. 
As soon as the client reestablished it's connection with the server all 
the old locks (displayed using smbstatus) were put back in to place (I'm 
talking about something like 100 or so locks, some as old as 2 days). It 
looks like the client is requesting the locks on the folders for some 

I'm 95% sure that this is a OSX client bug but I was hoping someone out 
there had a workaround for it.



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