[Samba] Default Keyboard Layout changed to english.

Kalev Riivik kalevr at iisaku.edu.ee
Fri Feb 25 01:58:57 MST 2011

i upgraded debian from lenny to squeeze and i managed to mess up config 
file or update (cuz i'm quite noob when it comes to linux). I'm gonna 
try to explain best to my abillity, how i got where i am right now (bear 
in mind that this is my first time in this list). Since smbpasswd and 
pdbedit had mysteriously vanished after upgrade, i did reinstall to 
samba (3.5.6 PDC with roaming profiles). Since i did backup of entire 
/etc folder i put the old smb.conf back, but what happened was that 
nobody was able to log in (from xp). So what i had to do, was leave and 
rejoin the domain with all of the computers. After that it appeared that 
i had to input everyone's password again. Then some people were able to 
log in and others were not.... after a bit of research i found out that 
those people that couldn't log in had "special" (estonian) characters in 
their name (like äöüõ or šž etc), so i added "unix charset = UTF8" to 
the smb.conf and it seemed to work (later replaced UTF8 with ISO-8859-15 
and it still worked).

The problem i'm having, is that when I (or anybody else) logs into xp 
machine with roaming profile, the default keyboard layout is set to US 
and they can't change it (but that might be because of gpedit policies i 
set up in xp machines). When i log in with local user (to xp) then 
keyboard is fine. I did try to find solution on the internet, but the 
posts i found about this problem were without answers. Any kind of help 
is appriciated

With regards,

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