[Samba] Printing trouble with Windows XP clients; Windows 7 and Mac client work fine

Kevin Broderick kbroderick at killingtonmountainschool.org
Thu Feb 24 09:54:49 MST 2011

I'm trying to switch our network from IP-based printing (directly to the printers) to using Samba printing via our existing server, both for Point-and-Print functionality and to be able to log print usage.  I've followed the directions in the HOWTO and also the policy information in the WIKI (at http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Implementing_System_Policies_with_Samba) to remove point-and-print restrictions.

I've loaded the drivers on the server, apparently with success, via a Windows XP machine's "Server Properties" box (while logged in as a user with admin privileges on the domain).  The drivers show up on the server and are automatically downloaded when I attempt to connect to a printer, whether on XP or Windows 7.  (I may have tested a non-domain Vista machine, not sure, but definitely have tested several non-domain Windows 7 machines).

Printing works fine from Windows 7 and Mac clients (although the latter are obviously not doing Point and Print).

Printing does not work from XP clients, whether domain members or not.  I have tried bumping the log level on a per-machine basis on one Windows 7 box and one Windows XP box, and the only difference that looks out of place is the Windows XP box apparently looking for shell32.dll on the server and not finding it.  I can post the log files somewhere, but I'm not sure if there's something in particular (beyond an error condition) that I should be looking for—I've tried both log level 3 and log level 20, so I have a ton of information currently logging.  I can see the printer drivers being found, printer settings being seen, etc.

On the client, I've been trying the "Print a test page" button from the printer dialog box.  The error I get is "The test page failed to print.  Would you like to view the print troubleshooter for assistance?"  Nothing useful (or even apparently related) appears in the System or Application logs on the client.

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