[Samba] Is it a good idea/required to run winbind

Marcello Romani mromani at ottotecnica.com
Thu Feb 24 00:22:35 MST 2011

Il 24/02/2011 07:26, Robert Cohen ha scritto:


     we have a mixture of windows 2000 and xp workstations which use a 
samba fileserver (3.2.5) under a win2000 AD.
If for some reason the winbind daemon doesn't start on the fileserver, 
the 2K clients are not able to access restricted folders (e.g. user A 
would get access deined errors when trying to browse folders owned by A 
with perm bits 600). No problems with the public folders.
For the XP clients, the presence of winbindd makes no difference.

AFAIKT, the winbind daemon is required to map domain users and groups to 
local uid and gid. Without it, the 2K ws connections get mapped to the 
guest user.


Marcello Romani

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