[Samba] Is it a good idea/required to run winbind

Robert Cohen robert.cohen at anu.edu.au
Wed Feb 23 23:26:13 MST 2011

We've been running a samba service for many years but have stuck  using
3.0.24. Every version I tried after 3.0.24 seemed to have reliability

But if every version since 3.0.24 was broken I assume someone would have
noticed by now :-). So I'm guessing we're doing somethng idiosyncratic
and/or stupid..

The config we have is that our samba server (solaris) is getting uid/gid
info using NSS from ldap.

But all the users are also in an ADS domain which is synchronised with the
ldap servers by an identity management system.

So we do authentication from ADS.

The relevant parts of the config are

  netbios name = xxx
  security = ADS
  realm = yyy.domain

  password level = 0
  local master = no
  domain master = no
  encrypt passwords = yes

The samba server was joined to the domain using "net ads join".

We were running smbd and nmbd but not winbind (since  we werent using samba
for NSS).
And that worked fine up through 3.0.24
After 3.0.24, it stopped  working reliably.

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