[Samba] Settings ACLS from Windows via member server

Mark Dieterich mkd at cs.brown.edu
Wed Feb 23 12:49:27 MST 2011

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When I perform the following looking up on a member server:

> [root]# wbinfo -S S-1-5-21-2830206405-3223145701-231191277-7214
> Could not convert sid S-1-5-21-2830206405-3223145701-231191277-7214 to uid

When the result is not cached on the machine doing the lookup (which by 
the way I can't keep it from caching results even when I toss the "-n" 
flag on winbindd), I see traffic between the member server and PDC. 
Good.  The PDC has access to all the information in needs to resolve 
this query, it's all contained within a user/group entry in LDAP. 
However, I can see no evidence it is trying to resolve this.  If idmap 
is the portion responsible for this resolution, doesn't it make sense 
that I should be running idmap_ldap on the PDC?

I've been looking over the LDAP schema and it has the following:

objectclass ( NAME 'sambaIdmapEntry' SUP top 
         DESC 'Mapping from a SID to an ID'
         MUST ( sambaSID )
         MAY ( uidNumber $ gidNumber ) )

which I do NOT have defined in our LDAP db.  I'm planning to just toss 
this in to see whether it helps, but still don't fully understand where 
the idmap_ldap stuff should be defined...

Sorry the pieces just aren't falling into place.  Hopefully, I'm not the 
only one struggling with this and the resulting discussions can someday 
help others.


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