[Samba] problem joining WinXP machine to samba PDC+LDAP environment

Mike Brady mike.brady at devnull.net.nz
Tue Feb 22 15:01:48 MST 2011

Quoting Jon Detert <jdetert at infinityhealthcare.com>:

> On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Mike Brady  
> <mike.brady at devnull.net.nz> wrote:
>> Quoting Jon Detert <jdetert at infinityhealthcare.com>:
>>> Hello,
>>> I can't join a winxp box to my samba domain.  I just have one samba
>>> server, meant to act as a PDC for domain='CHI'.
>>> Any ideas how to troubleshoot and/or remedy?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jon
>>> Context:
>>> ------------
>>> samba v3.3.8 on CentOS v5.5, using ldapsam backend.  Domainname ='CHI'.
>>> smbldap-tools v0.9.6.
>>> I 'populated' the ldap with 'smbldap-populate'.
>>> I try to join the winxp box, authenticating to the domain as user
>>> 'jdetert', which is a member of the 'Administrators' group:
>>> # smbldap-groupshow Administrators
>>> dn: cn=Administrators,ou=Groups,dc=infinityhealthcare,dc=com
>>> objectClass: top,posixGroup,sambaGroupMapping
>>> gidNumber: 544
>>> cn: Administrators
>>> description: Netbios Domain Members can fully administer the
>>> computer/sambaDomainName
>>> sambaSID: S-1-5-32-544
>>> sambaGroupType: 5
>>> displayName: Administrators
>>> memberUid: jdetert,root
>>> What happens:
>>> ----------------------
>>> a failure dialog window pops up on the winxp box with this message:
>>> 'The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "CHI":
>>> The user name could not be found.'
> -- snip --
>> I am working through a similar setup at the moment.
>> Looking at the smbldap-useradd source, status 9 is "user must not exist in
>> LDAP", so I assume from that that the workstation userid already exists?
> Turns out you are correct.  So, I deleted the 'user'="testfsclient$"
> from the ou=Computers, and retried, but it failed with the same error,
> and it re-created the user object.
> Any ideas how/why joining the domain is not fully working?
> Thanks,
> Jon


The error is returned if there is a successful LDAP query for the  
machine name "anywhere" in LDAP.  Does the machine name exist  
somewhere else other than ou=Computers?

You could also try running the full smbldap-useradd command as it is  
logged from the command line and see if it gives any more information.  
  The smldap-user script does print out additional information that  
Samba doesn't look like it captures in the logs.


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