[Samba] Please, help me clarify (winbind).

Aleix Dorca adorca at uda.ad
Sat Feb 19 13:40:12 MST 2011

Hi again,

still struggling with winbind and trying to understand how it is supposed to work. Let's see if someone can answer a simple resolution question so I can see if something is wrong with my setup.

One PDC/LDAP (no winbind), nss with ldap. This works fine as far as I can tell.

The other machine is a DMS. Let's say I have an entry like this on my 'getent passwd' (via LDAP):

adorca:x:10033:513:Aleix Dorca:/home/adorca:/bin/bash

As far as I can tell this user's uid is 10033.

So, now the question: If a windows machine should connect to this server what would winbind return as uid number? 10033 via NSS_LDAP or a new mapping stored/created on my LDAP Server. And would this user be treated as a 'Domain User' or as a 'Unix User'?

The Samba How-To Collections states on 'Winbind with NSS to resolve UNIX/Linux user and group IDs':

"The use of the LDAP-based passdb backend requires use of the PADL nss_ldap utility or an equivalent. In this situation winbind is used to handle foreign SIDs, that is, SIDs from standalone Windows clients (i.e., not a member of our domain) as well as SIDs from another domain. The foreign UID/GID is mapped from allocated ranges (idmap uid and idmap gid) in precisely the same manner as when using winbind with a local IDMAP table."

As I understand this having NSS with Ldap an winbind running a query to user 'adorca' should return uid=10033 and not a new idmap mapping. Is this correct?

Please someone answer... I'm about to loose it trying to understand how this should work.



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