[Samba] Samba 3 with Windows 2008 Enterprise Terminalserver

Jean-Jacques Moulis jj at isy.liu.se
Fri Feb 18 08:34:24 MST 2011

On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 16:11:31 +0100 Schechtmann <alexander.schechtmann at unimedizin-mainz.de> wrote:

S> i've decide to write to the samba lists in the hope of Your help. 
S> Specifically i have at the moment really a problem between Samba 3 
S> (version 3.2.3-3) and Windwos 2008 Enterprise Terminalserver, namilly 
S> User, that logon on Samba PDC, could be authenticated, but don't get 
S> policy from Samba Netlogon. With both other Terminalserver (Windows 
S> Server 2003) works policy faultless.

old style NT4 policies aren't useed by newer OS versions
(vista, seven, 2008)

you'll need to use  a samba4 or a Microsoft AD domain.
or you could ,as we do, use start scripts to enforce 
machine policies and login scripts for users ones.

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