[Samba] Multiple logins from different machines

Andre Truter linux at trusoftdev.za.net
Thu Feb 17 22:43:40 MST 2011

On 17 Feb 2011, at 21:16, Philippe LeCavalier wrote:

> Excerpts from Chris Weiss's message of Thu Feb 17 14:10:35 -0500 2011:
>> On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 12:59 PM, Philippe LeCavalier
>> <support at plecavalier.com> wrote:
>>> That's different then what you were originally asking, or did I
>>> misunderstand? Yes. A PDC will allow you to login with the same account
>>> on multiple PCs.
>> the problem, as I read it, is that they want one pc, one person, to
>> login to the server using 3 different accounts at the same time.
>> The better solution is for every person to have 1 account and use
>> group based permissions to give access to resources.
> That's exactly what I was suggesting.

The client tried to avoid creating multiple user accounts and maintaining it, but it looks like they will just have to bite the bullet and create an account for each person.

Thanks for the responses

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