[Samba] Samba4 Installed but DNS Problem

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Thu Feb 17 03:09:37 MST 2011

-->"Connection Time Out, No Server could be reached".

Did you point your dns to run on a certain IP not only this is not
options {
        listen-on port 53 {;; };<-- Ip of your
For further config you can try my howto on this list: HOWTO samba4 centos5.5
named dnsupdate drbd simple failover

Good Luck

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also make sure your DNS server is up and
running(and resolving), your firewall is ok and your configed it right.

dns can be a bit of pain, but check your logs and it's doable...

Cheers, Collen

On 17-2-2011 8:31, nc-codewete at netcologne.de wrote:
> Hello Imran,
> have you a running client/server-firewall?
> Regards
> Bert
> Am 15.02.2011 15:27, schrieb Imran Ashraf:
>> Dear All,
>> I have installed SAMBA 4 according to SAMBA4 How To 
>> (http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/HOWTO) instructions. 
>> Everything is going fine but on Step No. (Configure DNS) it gives 
>> error when I try to resolve the DNS name. i.e imran.edu.pk. The error 
>> is "Connection Time Out, No Server could be reached". Can anybody 
>> help me this. I will be thankful to you.
>> Thanx
>> Imran Ashraf
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