[Samba] issues with smbclient 3.0.x against 3.4.x server

Thierry Lacoste lacoste at u-pec.fr
Wed Feb 16 04:59:08 MST 2011


I'm upgrading my samba installation from 3.0.34 (FreeBSD 6.4)
to 3.4.x  (CentOS 5.5) from SerNet.

I have LDAP based samba domain (PDC and BDC) and a homes/Profiles  
member server.

I first upgraded my DCs to 3.4.9 with no problem.

I have recently installed a new file server (samba 3.4.11 on CentOS  
I have issues connecting to this server with old versions of smbclient
which give 'session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE'
with the foolowing command line:
smbclient //new-server/user -U user

I'm having trouble determining a pattern and I don't even know
where to start debugging the problem.
I thought it happened when using 3.0.x smbclient as 3.4.x smbclient work
but my old 3.0.34 smbclient on FreeBSD also works.

I found this issue with smbclient 3.0.25b-apple on MacOSX,
3.0.9-1.3E.15 on RedHat ES3 and 3.0.33-0.17.el4 on RedHat AS4.

This will probably not be a blocking problem for me
but I'm just curious to know if there are some known
such issues (and workaround).


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