[Samba] PAM Questions

JBush at specialtysystems.com JBush at specialtysystems.com
Wed Feb 9 07:36:11 MST 2011

  I am interested in learning more about Samba's Pluggable Authentication 
Modules. I have read what is provided in the documentation, but really 
what I would like to know is if it can work in the environment my team 
will be deploying soon. We will be using Windows 2008 Servers and will be 
programming our solution in Java. We would like to utilize a distributed 
yet centralized authentication solution, however, the biggest problem we 
have is that some of our servers will be stand alone without the 
possibility of connectivity. Can PAM provide us distributed (however 
centrally managed) authentication without connectivity to the main server? 
Thank you so much for any information you could provide!

Jenny Bush
Software Engineer
Specialty Systems, Inc.
Office: (757) 455 - 0909

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