[Samba] Problems with Windows7-Clients and Samba-Shares

nc-codewete at netcologne.de nc-codewete at netcologne.de
Thu Feb 10 07:53:47 MST 2011

Hello Sabine,

maybe that will help in you logon-script !?

if exist w: net use delete w:
net use w: \\servername\share



Am 10.02.2011 14:43, schrieb Support:
> Hi there,
> i have an samba-server with several users and several shares and 
> Windows 7 clients. The logon-script for each user are automatically 
> generated by a litte program (called connect.exe) and depending on the 
> username will be different network shares connected. These little 
> Visual Basic program is on a guest share on the linux server. The 
> logoff from the network shares on the Windows 7 clients is realised by 
> a simple "net use * /d /yes" so some different users can access their 
> files on the same computer. The little programm sends username und 
> password to the server and the server creates then the *.bat file with 
> the net use-command to connect the shares. To do so the connection 
> uses the linux-server ip adress e.g. "\\\login$\connect.exe" 
> and user nobody as guest. The created *.bat file contains the net use 
> commands as "\\servername\share" with the username and individual 
> password. If it happens that different users log on and off or the 
> same user logs on and off windows brings up the following error 
> message: "Error 1219. Multiple connections to a server or shared 
> resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not 
> allowed.". But before all shares from other users were disconnected 
> with the "net use * /d /yes"-command. At the moment we have to restart 
> those windows 7 clients to have the possibility to log on again and 
> get the same message after a few log on/off again.
> It seems that the shares are not completely disconnected and so this 
> error appears. Anyone knows a solution to this? It only happens on 
> Windows 7 maschines (WinXP an Win2k works without problems) and the 
> local users of the Windows 7 clients don't exists as any linux/samba 
> users. Do I missed a important setting in the smb.conf which is 
> necessarily for Windows 7?
> This is my smb.conf global-section:
> [global]
> workgroup = server28
> interfaces =
> follow symlinks = yes
> unix extensions = no
> netbios name = server28
> security = USER
> encrypt passwords = Yes
> update encrypted = Yes
> os level = 1
> preferred master = False
> local master = No
> domain master = False
> map to guest = Bad user
> guest account = Nobody
> Best Regards,
> Sabine

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