[Samba] Upgrade vom 3.0.37 to 3.4.9

Bernd Glueckert bernd.glueckert at ot-soft.de
Tue Feb 8 12:24:16 MST 2011

dear list members,

i have a 3.0.37 server running fine but hardware goes down so i must 
change the server. the new server is there, gentoo with samba 3.4.9.

last time i have done this sever exchange, i have copied the *conf and 
*tdb files together with /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow /etc/group and the 
server was running within few hours, but this was a small version jump 
from 3.0.29 to 3.0.37.

are there any things to do like converting files / tdb-databases or so 
on to make the jump from 3.0.37 to 3.4.9??

thanks for any good tips in advance - bernd

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