[Samba] WinXP closing network share when starting task manager

timothy mcdaniel timnboys at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 14:40:00 MST 2011

I have looked at your log file and it says: "get_referred_path: |privat| in
dfs path \a01\privat is not a dfs root." and I have also looked at your
smb.conf file and it says you are having the privat share at the
/nas/pdc/homedir/%U right? so if you are trying to map the directory or path
to "%U" which means user, then this is why it is showing up as "\a01\privat"
because it is taking the path for the user("%U") and adding a \privat(Which
is the share the computer is trying to access)behind it. I would first try
to take off the "%U" and put the path there first, and see if they are not
disconnected when they open the task manager, and if there are not then the
"%U" part was the problem but if it doesn't work, try to email me back and I
will try to help you.

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> Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 17:02:08 +0100
> Subject: [Samba] WinXP closing network share when starting task manager
> Hello
> We use WinXP SP3 with samba "version 3.5.4-2382-SUSE-SL10.0"
> We have some drives mapped to users, most of them work fine but one
> behaves weird: upon starting the task manager by ctrl-alt-delete, the
> network drive disconnects.
> >From what i can tell is that windows disconnects the drive, so i don't
> think it is a bug of samba but maybe someone can help me figure this out
> :-)
> Attached is the log and the relevant parts of smb.conf
> p.s. the share's name is 'privat'
> thanks & regards
> vinz

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