[Samba] bind9 dlopen/dlz problems

Marcel Ritter Marcel.Ritter at rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Sun Feb 6 04:28:45 MST 2011


I'm trying to replace my current samba4/bind setup with Tridge's new
DLZ bind method (s. http://blog.tridgell.net/?p=122).

Instructions about how to set this up seem a little rare right now,
I'm not even sure wether this is supposed to work at all in its
state (but I'll give it a try anyway :-)

What I found so far: In order to use the new dlopen DLZ you'll need at
lease bind-9.8.0b1 (make sure to enable it during configure using
Having installed the new bind, add a new config section to your bind

dlz "Samba zone" {
    database "dlopen /usr/lib/libdlz_bind9.so";

And that's about as far as I get. During bind startup I only get this
error message:

Loading 'Samba zone' using driver dlopen
Unable to get basedn for
ldapi:///var/lib/samba4/private/ldap_priv/ldapi - (null)
dlz_dlopen of 'Samba zone' failed
SDLZ driver failed to load.
DLZ driver failed to load.
loading configuration: failure
exiting (due to fatal error)

So I tried ldapi access using ldapsearch:

> ldapsearch -U Administrator -H
DNS SRV: Could not turn DN="var/lib/samba4/private/ldap_priv/ldapi"
into a domain

This didn't work - but by replacing "/" with "%2F" in the file path
fixes the problem: 
> ldapsearch -U Administrator -H

Next step: source code:
In the samba dlz code the first url format seems to be used, maybe
that's the
cause of this trouble. There's a config option "url" mentioned there,
however I was
unable to figure out how to use this option to override the path name.

It'd be great if someone could have a look at this, and maybe comment
on the
current state of dlopen/dlz.



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