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I get out of the domain, added the "domain users" group, re-joined the
domain and right there, i could see:

domain admins --------> linked to MYDOMAIN\dmnadmins
domain users    --------> linked to MYDOMAIN\dmnusers

So i guess, that to map any other group, lets say: REMOTE DESKTOP USERS, i
would need to:

net groupmap add unixgroup="remote" ntgroup="whatever name"

go to the XP machine, go to remote desktop users' group, and manually add

Repeat again for every other group.

If thats correct, then, thank you very much all, much appreciated help.
Thank you, Takahashi.

> 2011/2/4  <fdelval at rojatex.com>:
>> I went to the XP i had joined to the domain, and i went to "user and
>> groups management" (right click, properties over my pc -> management)
>> There, i see that Domain admins is automatically mapped.
>> And windows "users" group is mapped to   MYDOMAIN\none  automatically
>> aswell, although i doub if thats correct.
>> But the other arent.
> When a Windows workstation including Windows XP has joined to a domain,
> "Domain Admins" and "Domain Users" always joined to its Administrators
> and Users respectively.
> This behavior is a part of Windows workstation implementation. Samba has
> nothing to do with it.
> Why MYDOMAIN\none joined to Users is that you have not created "Domain
> Users".
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> TAKAHASHI Motonobu <monyo at samba.gr.jp>

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